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Testemunho em Homenagem a Giovanni Arrighi

Publicado no “memorial website” do economista político Giovanni Arrighi, meu orientador de doutorado entre 2007 e 2009, que faleceu em junho de 2009:

From Felipe

by Felipe Amin Filomeno In 2003, I found The Long Twentieth Century on a bookshelf in a Brazilian bookstore. The book was listed among those required for the official exam for admission to the diplomatic career in Brazil and, as this was my professional goal then, I started reading the book, which ultimately brought me deeper into academia. Later in the same year, Giovanni and Beverly went to Brazil for an international conference and some of my professors, who were then reading his works, arranged to bring them to my home town – Florianópolis – to give a lecture and some talks. A couple of days before they arrived, one of my professors asked me to do a simultaneous translation of his lecture from Italian to Portuguese, but I didn’t trust my Calabrese roots so much as to assume that task. During the talks, my only direct contact with Giovanni was saying to him “Potrebbe fermare per favore?”, asking him to autograph my copy of The Long Twentieth Century. I continued to do research using his theories and, facing the difficulties in pursuing an academic career in Brazil, I decided that I would only go on in this profession if I could have my doctoral studies in the United States, especially under the mentorship of Giovanni and Beverly. [continua…]



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